Wednesday, September 01, 2004


The major media continues to press on in what it apparently sees as its primary purpose: sowing the seeds of discord between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. A recent AP article pointed out in a not-so-subtle manner that outsourcing is very profitable for CEOs: "Average CEO compensation at the 50 companies outsourcing the most service jobs rose by 46 percent in 2003 from a year earlier, compared with a 9 percent increase for CEOs at 365 big companies overall, the study by the left-leaning Institute for Policy Studies and United for a Fair Economy found." I guess if this trend continues, all the jobs will be outsourced to Asians, a group of about 25 CEOs will run the entire country, and every American will be unemployed. Oh yeah and we'll have cheap goods.

R.I.P.: A foolish New England state has fallen prey to the sneaky free trade practices of Chile. The Union-Leader reports that New Hampshire "is one of six states that received a grant to take part in the project to begin exporting to Chile." But with exports come imports, and we all know what the means. Kiss your jobs goodbye, New Hampshire. Now the Chileans will be doing everything you do for six cents a day, and be happy about it. If only there were a way to export without getting any imports. That's the whole problem with our economy.

Yet another government entity is giving local businesses a lesson in how to treat their customers. A South Carolina government study committee is looking into making restaurants "post signs indicating how smoky they are," according to the Charleston Post and Courier. "[T]he subcommittee unanimously approved a recommendation that restaurants and bars post their smoking policies, just as they now post health department ratings, and that the city provide unspecified incentives for those that go smoke-free or install better ventilation equipment." Wow. These businesses are obviously operating with absolutely no concern for the comfort of their customers. By the way, do you ever wonder why businesses try to make good products even though no law requires them to? It blows my mind.

Now on to the other Charleston. The significantly less attractive West Virginia version. The Gazette cheerfully reports that hundreds on welfare are taking college classes. "(Sue Buster, director of the Division of Family Assistance) said a key factor appears to be accessibility to college programs. 'Where they’re available, it looks like people are taking advantage of them,' she said." Yeah. Right. You can tell because a whopping 6.5% of the state's 12,905 welfare recipients are going to college. Good thing they're not working.


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